Studiometry 9.0.5 Released

Studiometry 9.0.5 is now available as a free update for registered 9.x users. This version fixes several Address Book syncing issues that users were having with previous versions of 9.x. We've also fixed a problem where logs would occasionally become unlinked from their original email. Full details are available below.

What's New in Studiometry 9.0.5:

  • Will no longer show clients without active projects in the Enter Timesheet window
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes break links to original emails in imported Logs
  • Fixed an issue with coloring of the first line in the All Invoices view
  • Fixed an issue where syncing to Address Book could cause certain types of contacts to have duplicate phone numbers or email addresses
  • Fixed issue where adding multiple new addresses to a contact before syncing to Address Book could cause an address to not sync initially
  • Payments applied to multiple projects will now show the appropriate received amount in certain project related fields
  • Will now correctly assign the default Address Book syncing mode to new Contacts immediately
  • Will now assign the saved page setup properties when printing a visual Invoice or Report on each launch regardless of if the Page Setup dialog has been opened

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What's new in Studiometry 9.x:
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    Cool beans. AB syncing seems much more consistent for me now.

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