Studiometry 9.2.2 Released, Adds Support for Mountain Lion

Studiometry 9.2.2 has been released today, containing a few new features and fixes for Studiometry 9.x. This update is available immediately as a free update for registered 9.x users.

What's New in Studiometry 9.2.2:

  • Support for Mountain Lion
  • Can now duplicate contacts
  • Can now create new Projects attached to non-live Clients
  • Newly created Projects will inherit their associated Client's Live status
  • Will now show Project's Cost in Project Summary view
  • Will now calculate Project's Profit per hour in Project Summary view
  • Items with Purchase Order mode will now show their cost amounts rather than the marked up amount in the Work tab
  • Selecting a non-live Project will now temporarily show the associated Client in the main window's list as well
  • Fixed an issue with currency codes exporting to invoice and report templates including their symbol
  • Fixed an issue with creating new fields in the contact editing window
  • Code-Signed for OS 10.8 Mountain Lion


Download Studiometry 9.2.2:

Purchase Studiometry:

What's new in Studiometry 9.x:
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    Great news, thanks for the update! Just an FYI, we had 9.2.1 running fine in Mountain Lion beta, but I'm assuming the newly added compatibility is really just the code-signing. Either way the new features are a welcome addition to this version.

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    Oranged Support

    Hi Magenta,

    Yes, the previous versions worked properly in 10.8, we just needed to make a few tweaks as well as support the new code-signing requirements that Apple is enforcing for non-App-Store programs with the default system settings.

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    Christoph Polus

    I noticed the "Studiometry Express" version is no longer listed on your website. Also there hasn't been an update to Express since it was released on the App Store. It's still 9.0.5 whereas the app moved on to 9.2.2. What can App Store customers expect? If the new App Store terms prohibit Studiometry functions, why not release it on the website for direct download? I'm a little bit unhappy with the lack of updates and the second class treatment on the App Store.

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    Oranged Support

    We are working on an update for Studiometry Express and Accounted on the MAS, and it is currently delayed because of the work we're doing on coming up to speed with Apple's Sandboxing requirements. We are sorry for the delay and are doing everything we can to bring the updates to the App Store versions of our software. We hope to have an update available very soon.

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