Studiometry and Accounted Updates Fix Broken Online Currencies

Yesterday we were alerted by many of our wonderful users that the online currency support in Studiometry and Accounted had broken. We worked overnight to find and fix this issue, as currencies and exchange rates are vital to many of our users' data. We've had to rework the backend of both programs to allow for better currency support and more flexibility and reliability in future versions.

Because of this, we have gone back and released several new versions of Studiometry and Accounted that use a new online currency backend. The following versions have been released today, all specifically to fix the issue with online currency support.

  • Studiometry 9.2.3 (Mac Intel, Mac Universal, Windows)
  • Studiometry 8.2.1 (Mac Universal, Windows)
  • Studiometry 7.1.5 (Mac Universal, Windows)
  • Accounted 3.1.1 (Mac Universal, Windows)


If you're using Studiometry 9.x or Accounted 3.x you can download the newest version via the standard download links:
Download Studiometry 9.2.3
Download Accounted 3.1.1 

If you're using Studiometry 7.x or 8.x, you can download the new version via the download archives:

If you're using Studiometry 6.x or older, or Accounted 2.x or older:
Please open a support ticket 


These are all free updates for registered users of the respective versions. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and understanding on this issue!

 - The Oranged Software Team

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    Dana Carter

    Honestly it's awesome that you guys went back to update the older versions of your software. Tom & Team you guys really know how to treat your customers. A classy gesture by a classy company!

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