Studiometry 10.0.1 Released

We've released the first update for registered users of Studiometry 10.x. This update adds improvements to Calendar/Reminders syncing, includes several new project creation options, and has updated and improved network syncing. We've also fixed several other minor issues related to the initial 10.0 release, improving stability and performance throughout the program.

This update also adds new syncing functionality for Studiometry Touch 1.8, which should be available on the App Store today. Studiometry Touch 1.8 includes many new features that were included in 10.0, such as client specs, project roles, and more.


What's New in Studiometry 10.0.1:

  • Can now select separate calendars for Event and To Do syncing from Studiometry to iCal/Calendar and Reminders
  • Can now show Associated Invoices information for Payments in Custom Summaries
  • Timesheet window will now show associated client for a row when mousing over
  • New calendar option to hide completed To Dos
  • Project Template To Do items will no longer assign all employees if no employee is selected for the item
  • Will now sync setting to Capture New Descriptions between machines on a network
  • New option in Advanced Billing settings to change default live status for new projects
  • New option in Advanced Billing settings to disable Project ID generation by default
  • Fixed issue with deleting Logs from the Contact's logs window
  • Fixed issue where default markup amounts would not be automatically entered in the Work editing window for debt/credit types that did not have a default unit price
  • Fixed issue with Apple Mail integration not working on Mountain Lion
  • Fixed an issue with remote connections on Mountain Lion sometimes not being able to properly log in
  • Fixed an issue with canceling out of the server login using the Admin password
  • Fixed an issue where default rates might not be automatically assigned to new items in the Weekly timesheet window
  • Fixed an issue with some invoice schedules not properly firing
  • Added improved syncing functions for Studiometry Touch 1.8

Studiometry 10.0.1 is a free update for registered users of Studiometry 10.x. If you own Studiometry 9.x or older, you can purchase a discounted upgrade license at our store.

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What's New in Studiometry 10:
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