Studiometry 10.0.2 Improves Smart Groups and Fixes Several Issues

Studiometry 10.0.2 is now available for download as a free update for registered Studiometry 10.x users. Registered users of 9.x can upgrade to 10.x for $59.95 USD per license, and registered users of 8.x or older can update to the current version for $99.95 USD per license. All 10.x licenses include free updates until Studiometry 11 is released in late 2013.

New in Studiometry 10.0.2:

  • Will now show subtotals for individual lines in the Timesheet Entry window
  • New display setting for template items to only show if they have a non zero value
  • New Project smart group field for Assigned Contacts
  • Can now quickly assign Contacts to Projects via contextual menu in the Project People section
  • Fixed an issue where the initial setup screen could appear on launch after a crash during saving
  • Fixed an issue where some line breaks would not correctly display in logs
  • Fixed issue with printing the work tab in 10.0 and newer
  • Fixed issue where View Timesheet window would show incorrect totals when Split Items into Days is selected and parts of an item are filtered out of the view
  • Added all/none checkbox to the Manage Groups window
  • Fixed issue with mouse clicks missing on weekly calendar when the window is exceptionally large
  • Fixed issue with ItemSequentialNumber on some templates
  • The Create Default To Do button in the Gantt item editing window will now take weekends into account
  • Subsequent stages in Project Templates will calculate the work week into their start dates
  • Employees with their contact info deleted can now be linked to newly created contacts
  • Fixed display issue with multi-day events sometimes not properly placing in January 2013

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