Studiometry 11.0.1 adds 20 new improvements in a free update for registered 11.x users

Studiometry 11 was released last week, and we’ve received a ton of positive feedback. We’d like to thank the early adopters and beta testers for upgrading to the new Studiometry and for sharing their thoughts! Users have been raving about the new interface and how quick and easy it is to get around within the app. We’ve also received several suggestions for the new version, and we’re acting on some of these with Studiometry 11.0.1.


This update adds 20 refinements, features, and fixes to Studiometry 11, and we will be releasing many more free updates for Studiometry 11 users throughout the year. SPOILER ALERT: Studiometry 11.1 is already in the works and will feature sub-projects and client-wide work and invoice views.


Studiometry 11.0.1 is a free update for registered Studiometry 11.x users and is available today for download and purchase. New users and users of previous versions get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 10.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 9.x or older are $99.95 USD per license.


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What’s New in Studiometry 11:
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Studiometry 11.0.1 Version History:

  • Contextual menu option within contacts to copy Mailing & Phone label
  • If the view setting to show formatted Project Name and ID in the Projects list is selected, this will also be used in the overview
  • Can now adjust row height for clients/projects list in the view settings window
  • Can now remember notification window size/position
  • Will now remember the last selected category from within the Search
  • Will now remember the last entered search string within the Search
  • New keyboard shortcut and menu item for editing the selected Client/Project
  • Can now remove a contact from a project via the contextual menu in the overview
  • Fixed minor display issue in overview for clients and projects without IDs
  • Vertically compressed summary output slightly by reducing space below tier footers
  • Can now use the Page Setup options before printing custom summaries
  • To Dos in the overviews will appear in chronological order (oldest on top) instead of reverse chronological order
  • Minor tweaks to the category boxes in the Preferences window make it easier to edit and reorder the items
  • Will no longer ask for two confirmations to delete a contact in the contacts list
  • Fixed issue with sorting invoices by date on custom summaries
  • Fixed issue on Windows where client machines wouldn't properly open notifications window
  • Fixed issue where idle lock screen would require password twice
  • Fixed issue where filter text would be removed from the filtering box even though it was still being used
  • Will now limit notifications displayed to the 50 most recent
  • Notification clear button will now immediately clear the notifications list instead of bringing up several clearing options
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