Studiometry 11.0.2 adds Outlook support, iBiz importing, several new options and fixes

We’ve been working like crazy over here — and we’re just getting started! Two weeks ago, we released Studiometry 11 with a brand new interface and a ton of new features. And today, we’re already releasing the third iteration with Studiometry 11.0.2. We’ve just received so much positive feedback and so many great requests, we can’t stop improving Studiometry 11. (Keep ‘em coming!)


Now you can send emails through Microsoft Outlook on Mac, import data from iBiz, and enjoy countless other improvements and enhancements. We’re excited to get this version out to Studiometry 11 users, and we will be releasing many more free updates throughout the year. SPOILER ALERT: Studiometry 11.1 is already in the works and will feature sub-projects, client-wide work and invoice views, and resource management.


Studiometry 11.0.2 is a free update for registered Studiometry 11.x users and is available today for download and purchase. New users and users of previous versions get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 10.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 9.x or older are $99.95 USD per license.


Download Studiometry 11.0.1:
What’s New in Studiometry 11:
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Studiometry 11.0.2 Version History:

  • Can now send outgoing email messages through Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • New Invoice template option for Debt/Credit images to display Debt Image OR Debt Category Image depending upon what is available
  • Can now hold Option or Alt key when pressing View Summary to keep the summary editing window open
  • Added new setting to change the manner in which font names are matched for PDF exporting
  • Can now make center column wider on larger screens
  • Several updates to improve iBiz importing 
  • iBiz Importing: Import is compatible with newer versions of iBiz 
  • iBiz Importing: Can import Custom Job Events as categories 
  • iBiz Importing: Can mark completed projects as non-live projects during import 
  • iBiz Importing: Can now import Invoices 
  • iBiz Importing: Can now import Payments
  • Removed non-functioning Edit This Menu options from client/project category/status popups
  • Fixed issue with all invoices date selector flipping due and issued dates when searching
  • Fixed issue on client machines where sections of the program might needlessly refresh periodically
  • Creating a new custom summary, editing the summary options, closing the viewing window, and then clicking View Summary will no longer cause an error
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