Studiometry 11.0.3 released, adds several user-requested tweaks and features

Studiometry 11.0.3 is now available as a free update for registered Studiometry 11.x users. This update adds several updates, tweaks, and fixes (all listed in the version history below). Thank you to all of our users for the great feedback!


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What’s New in Studiometry 11:
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New in Studiometry 11.0.3:

  • Can now filter Invoiced and Paid items out of the Project work tab
  • Will now order sections in the Clients & Project popups based on the customized order set for the Overviews
  • Can now import nested Work/Expense items from iBiz
  • Added Update Projects Cached Estimated Amounts menu option to File Menu > Data Management
  • Will now list additional font family members in font lists on Cocoa
  • Fixed issue with Blueprint search field not appearing in Cocoa builds
  • Fixed issue where project timer rounding setting would not save/load properly in the project editing window
  • Pressing Enter in the Debt/Credit window’s Extra Info field will now save the window
  • Will automatically select full name of client or project in editing windows
  • Can now add contact first, last, and full name as a variable in the default invoice or report email text
  • Typing a successful match into the timesheet’s combobox will not longer immediately move the focus to the hours
  • The client/project attach window will now sort items by ID by default
  • Several other updates to iBiz importing including the ability to import nested projects, nested work items, and more
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