Studiometry 11.1.1 Released

Studiometry 11.1.1 adds several new features and fixes. We've added the ability to export the Project Actual vs Quoted Report to delimited text, added new invoice/report template variables, and fixed some minor bugs.


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What’s New in Studiometry 11.x:
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New in Studiometry 11.1.1:

  • Added Ability to export Project Actual vs Quoted report to delimited text
  • Added DebtCategoryTax and DebtCategoryTotalWithTax variables
  • Add and delete buttons for Client’s Projects view
  • Will hide invoices with a balance of zero from the Apply To Invoices list when creating a new payment
  • Exporting the view timesheet window to text file will now correctly use the split dates instead of the main item’s created dates
  • Fixed issue with advanced billing setting Create Projects as Non-Live not working properly
  • Fixed display issue in Debt/Credit window ran times section for items that have times but no dates
  • Fixed issue with error appearing when typing in a non-matching name for a project into the weekly timesheet window
  • Fixed issue with saving last window position for invoice template editor
  • Will now properly save the last selection for Starting new timers for manually created work items
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    Ken McGuire

    Are there updated "How Tos" with relevant screen shots from version 11? Seems most of the processes I am looking up are showing the older version.

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