Studiometry 11.1.2 Released

Studiometry 11.1.2 adds several user-requested features, as well as a few fixes and improvements. We've added the ability to assign employee roles at the client level. These roles will automatically propagate to new projects. We've also included more calendar display options, new invoice template features, and more.


Studiometry 11.1.2 Version History:

  • Can assign employees to clients
  • Can assign roles to employees for each client
  • New projects will automatically inherit assigned employees and roles unless a project template is used that specifies employees and roles
  • New EmployeeClientRole variable for invoice and report templates
  • Can filter the floating running timers window to show only the current employee’s timers
  • New calendar option to display associated item ID before event/to do descriptions
  • Will now show links for associated items in event/to do contextual menus in the calendar
  • Will now take employee timer settings into account when creating new work items manually and the advanced billing setting to use default timers has been enabled
  • Will now immediately refresh To Do names in Stage Required Items when To Dos are edited from the planning section
  • Will now select the current employee when selecting the Timers group and logged in as an employee
  • New Embedded Variable Has Content (Text Area) display option for text areas on invoices
  • Added ItemQuantityExact variable that will show all decimal places for an items quantity
  • Data Management > Clean To Dos will now no longer give an incorrect error when trying to run it on a networked server machine
  • Client’s Projects list will now correctly include sub projects in project total amounts
  • Fixed issue with To Dos within To Do groups not properly sorting by priority or date when a non-english localization is selected
  • Will no longer put a blank space in the Category Notes when editing
  • Starting a new timer will have it immediately appear in the floating running timers window
  • Will now properly sync time data from tasks synced to Studiometry from Reminders app
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