Beta Signup: Studiometry 12 & Accounted 4

We've been hard at work on two huge updates: Studiometry 12 and Accounted 4. Both of our apps are getting a ton of love with these upcoming versions. We'll have more details soon, but first: beta testing!

We're looking for users who want to test the new features and changes in the apps before they are officially released. If you're interested in trying out a beta version of either, please sign up using the instructions below.

Beta Warnings

These are beta products, so please consider the following before signing up:

  • The beta versions are in no way a "final" or "release" version, and could potentially cause issues if used in a non-test environment
  • In rare situations, data entered during the beta period may not be compatible with the final release
  • If you were part of the Studiometry 11 Beta, then you are already signed up for the Studiometry 12 Beta. You do not need to sign up again unless your email address has changed, or you'd like to also join the Accounted beta

Signup Instructions

If you're read all of the info above, please sign up by doing the following:
  1. If you haven't already, please create an account on our support site with a valid email address. The initial beta download information will be sent out via email to the registered email address on your account.
  2. Open a new support ticket with the subject "Beta Signup". In the "description" of the ticket, please include your registered email address for verification.
  3. Please specify if you'd like to join the Studiometry or Accounted beta, or both.
Once you've opened the ticket, we will respond with more information and mark your account on our support site as a Beta Tester, which will give you access to the beta forums.
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    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is there a release date yet for Studiometry 12?  Hope it's out of Beta soon….

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    Oranged Support

    Hi Elisa, thanks for your interest! Studiometry 12 Beta 1 was just released today. We'll keep you updated via our blog/twitter on the beta process, but it usually doesn't take too long to reach the final release after the beta.

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