Accounted 4 adds retina support, huge speed boosts, company overview, more

Accounted 4 is here, and it’s insanely fast! This is the biggest update we’ve ever released for Accounted, with over 50 new features, improvements, and fixes. It’s got a brand new interface that’s cleaner, sleeker, and retina-enabled. We’ve added a company overview screen, general ledger report, and a whole lot more.

Accounted 4 is available today for download and purchase. New users as well as users of previous versions will get a free 30-day trial. New licenses are available from $79.95, upgrades from any previous version of Accounted are available for $39.95.

What’s New in Accounted 4:
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Full Speed Ahead

Accounted 4 does some behind-the-scenes magic to split your data into fiscal years while still keeping everything in one file. So what does this actually mean? Accounts load way faster. Transactions and balances are calculated almost instantly. You can “load” a specific fiscal year, or show your entire account history without opening separate files.



Company Overview

A new Company Overview gives a quick snapshot of activity over the past 30 days. You’ll be able to see a visual representation of the top income and expense accounts, and the changes to balances in your bank accounts.


Company Overview


New Interface & Retina Support

Accounted 4 has a cleaner, sleeker interface inspired by Yosemite. Translucent cues, vibrant icons, and less clutter make Accounted 4 as pretty as it is powerful. Plus, all of the icons and views have been updated to take advantage of the beautiful screens on Retina MacBook Pro and iMac 5K.


New User Interface


Over 50 Improvements

More Mac improvements include a transition to Cocoa. This gives Accounted a cleaner interface, full-screen capability, OS X Spellcheck, and compatibility with OS X Services.

Many other new features and enhancements have been added, including program-wide search, a new general ledger report, recurring transaction and people views in the main window, improved accounts payable and accounts receivable, and more.


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