Studiometry 11.2 gets customizable calendars, 20% Off Sale

Studiometry 11.2 is now available as a free update for registered Studiometry 11.x users. 


Customizable calendars! You can now create and edit custom calendars that let you sort, filter, and color items in your Studiometry calendar. What could you do with this?

• Quickly view schedules for teams of employees. Setup multiple teams and view all team schedules simultaneously.
• View upcoming meetings with potential clients.
• Change the color of to dos and events on projects with upcoming deadlines to RED because they’re IMPORTANT!
• Show only events with a high priority, or view high-priority events in a specific color (possibly RED?)
• Color everything in your calendar RED (don’t do that)


Calendars are saved into your calendars list. The filters, coloring, and settings are all stored so you can quickly view the exact data you’d like in Studiometry’s calendar view. Companies with multiple employees can also share calendars between employees, and admin users can assign calendars to other employees.

Here's the KB article explaining the new features:

20% Off Licenses and Upgrades for One Week

To celebrate the new calendar features in Studiometry, we’re having a 20% off sale for all licenses, upgrades, and bundles of Studiometry, Studiometry Touch, and Accounted. The sale lasts for one week (a common unit of measurement in calendars) from August 12-19th. Head over to our store to make a purchase and save 20% today!

Full Version History

  • Calendars: can now create multiple custom calendars with colors, rules, and filters
  • Calendars: can now share calendars between employees in Studiometry
  • Calendars: can filter calendars by Groups and Smart Groups, item types, and assigned employees
  • Calendars: can now select multiple items (calendars, employees, or resources) to display simultaneously in the calendar view
  • Can now view and modify assigned employees for multiple To Dos simultaneously
  • Updated and cleaned up To Do contextual menus, adding employee assigning abilities and other functions
  • File Menu > Export > Project List now has selection for live/non-live
  • New View Option to include/exclude vendors in the Clients & Projects list
  • Can now set Studiometry to automatically reconnect if disconnected from a server
  • Can right-click a standard group to reorder items within the group
  • New option to View Contact when clicking a contact in a Project Overview
  • Can now change a Project’s Live setting in the Search Window’s Group Edit function
  • New employee permission to restrict access to viewing and editing logs
  • Clicking Apply in the view settings window will now close the window
  • When using combine quantities in blueprints, hourly type items will correctly combine their hours
  • Address Book Client Importing: Can choose to merge selected contacts with matching company names
  • Address Book Client Importing: Can import clients as non live
  • Address Book Client Importing: Can choose to not create a client for contacts imported that have no company name
  • Address Book Client Importing: Can enable/disable syncing options when importing
  • Deleting or merging clients or projects on a networked Studiometry environment will no longer cause connected machines to reset their selection in the main window
  • Can now hold option when right-clicking a client in the main clients list to access option to delete the client but leave all associated contacts in the Studiometry database untouched
  • Will now show option to Edit log types in menu even if all log types have been deleted
  • Redesigned view options window to fit more options
  • Can now remove employees from Work items via contextual menu
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    Millar Lawyers

    I work for a smallish law firm with offices in Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA, and Austin, Texas. we currently use a remotely hosted Filemaker database which contains client and case information.  I am very interested in exploring your product as a replacement, but I am not seeing detailed enough information to warrant purchasing it. I tried the demo and customized the interface until I was satisfied that it could provide better functionality in case and client management than Filemaker, but it expired before I could figure out how to test its use for multiple users.

    Specifically, I am looking for a detailed breakdown of how Studiometry could act as a remotely hosted database simultaneously accessible by up to a dozen or more devices in diverse locations. I can't find this information anywhere on your site, blog, forums, etc.

    I am also interested in the calendar function. Is it a stand-alone calendar that uses .ics files? If so, can it import a .ics file? Is there a limit to the number of calendar events? For instance, we cannot use Calendar because it tops out at at 25,000 events and we have some long-time staff with enormously detailed calendars that go back years and have many entries. We use Google calendar instead, accessible via net or the BusyCal application, which has a more usable interface than Calendar. Can the calendar function access a Google calendar?

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