Studiometry 12.0.1 improves subtasks and more in a free update for registered 12.x users

Studiometry 12 was released last week, and we’ve received a ton of positive feedback. We’d like to thank the early adopters and beta testers for upgrading to the new Studiometry and for sharing their thoughts! Users have been raving about the new organizing features and the cloud syncing capabilities. We’ve also received several suggestions for the new version, and we’re acting on some of these with Studiometry 12.0.1.

This update adds 15 refinements, features, and fixes to Studiometry 12, and we will be releasing many more free updates for Studiometry 12 users throughout the year.

Studiometry 12.0.1 is a free update for registered Studiometry 12.x users and is available today for download and purchase. New users and users of previous versions get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 11.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 10.x or older are $125 USD per license.

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What’s New in Studiometry 12:
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What's New in 12.0.1:

  • Optimized loading for To Do lists, will see huge performance improvements when loading larger lists of To Dos
  • Will now show subtask information, sorting, and related parent tasks in the Project Planning section
  • Added new Estimating Mode option that will create all new Work items as Estimated and set Employee to None
  • Fixed an issue where some To Dos would not correctly appear in the main list if the database had a larger number of todos
  • Fixed issue with syncing contacts to Studiometry Touch 2 when filtering the data sent over
  • Fixed issue with syncing logs to Studiometry Touch 2 when filtering the data sent over
  • Improved various other syncing issues with Studiometry Touch 2
  • Will no longer give an error message about permission inconsistencies when saving edits to an employee that only has "Explicitly Allow access to Summaries" unchecked
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