Studiometry 12.5 Adds Forms and Much More

Forms IconNew to Studiometry 12.5 are Forms. Forms are saved lists of questions and fields that can be sent to your Client for a response, or entered locally in Studiometry. Form responses can be reviewed to create Projects, To Dos, and Logs. Forms can have endless uses, such as:

  • Tracking details associated with a Client or Project that are not already built in to Studiometry (such as a brief, for example)
  • Allowing Clients to send in requests that can appear as To Dos within Studiometry, linked with their Projects
  • Allowing Clients to request new projects with whatever criteria and questions you deem necessary
  • Getting feedback or followup on a Project that will be stored directly within Studiometry

Form Entry

Learn more about Forms and watch the training video here:

Improving Other Existing Features

Studiometry 12.5 also focuses on improving existing features and adding in several longstanding user-requested features. Invoices can now be viewed directly within each Client. You’ll be able to see an aggregated list of all invoices for each Client, organized by Project. 

We’ve also added several great billing features. There is a new option to have Studiometry ensure you’re only running one timer at a time. Starting or resuming a timer will automatically pause your other running timers. Plus, you can now customize the default number of days until invoices are due by client and by project. 

In the Project’s work section, you can now group-edit items. This makes is incredibly easy to change work descriptions, types, dates, and more for multiple items simultaneously. You can now also quickly create an invoice containing the selected work items.


Studiometry 12.5 Full Version History:

  • New Feature: Forms.  A form is a saved list of questions and fields that can be sent to your Client for a response, or entered locally in Studiometry.
  • Form responses can be used to automatically create Projects, To Dos, and Logs
  • Learn more about forms and watch the video:
  • CLOUD: Can now send forms to your Clients for entry on Studiometry Cloud. They'll receive a notification, and their responses will appear directly in your Studiometry data.
  • CLOUD: Can also set up individual Forms to always be available to Clients for entry 
  • Invoices can now be viewed on the Client level
  • Invoices will now appear in Client overview, aggregating all Invoices for the Client's Projects
  • New view, Client's Invoices, will show a grouped list of all of the Client's Invoices by Project
  • Can now set default invoice due-in days by Client and by Project
  • Can now quickly create an Invoice containing only the currently selected items via new contextual menu option in Project's Work & Expenses list
  • Can now Group Edit work items directly from a project's work list by right-clicking on multiple selected work items
  • Can now Stop all of a specific Project's Timers via new contextual menu option
  • New option to limit each employee to one active timer, automatically pausing all other timers when a timer is started
  • Added per-employee permissions to edit form templates and to enter forms
  • Added per-employee notification option to be alerted when a client submits a form on Studiometry Cloud
  • Fixed issue with changes to default report approval email not saving locally
  • Improved import of iBiz data, will now properly handle work item groups properly

Available Now

Studiometry 12.5 is available today. If you have a previous version of Studiometry you can upgrade for a discounted price to 12.x and receive all of the new features available in Studiometry 12.x.

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  • 0
    Rob Sherrard - Imageer

    Did I sleep through 12.3 and 12.4?

  • 0
    Oranged Support

    Nope. We skipped them since 12.5 has so many large and permanent changes.

  • 1
    Peter Billard

    I appreciate the 12.5 update and new features. I want to be the squeaky wheel and repeat my Feb. 23 request for the ability to tag clients and projects. Although it didn't make this upgrade, please don't forget to look into it for the near future. Thank you!

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