Studiometry 12.2.1 Released

Studiometry 12.1.2 adds several user-requested features, as well as a few fixes and improvements. We’ve improved several built-in summaries by adding more fields and options. We've also improved syncing functionality with both Studiometry Touch and Studiometry Cloud.


Studiometry 12.2.1 Version History:

  • Can now filter Project Quoted vs Actual report by a specific client
  • Added employee column to Invoice editing window's work/expense list
  • Added Hours column to Items Awaiting Invoice section
  • Added ClientContactDepartment invoice/report template variable
  • Fixed an issue saving custom negative decimal values between 0 and -1 for entered ran times
  • Fixed an issue some users had syncing Studiometry Touch with direct sync
  • Improved launch performance on databases with several thousand invoices and reports
  • Will now more frequently check if disconnected from Studiometry Cloud and update the waring icon
  • Added Apply button to built-in summary field selector so the entire summary does not refresh with every single change
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