Studiometry 12.2.2 Released

Studiometry 12.2.2 adds several user-requested features, as well as a few fixes and improvements. We've added the ability to export Logs, more fields for custom summaries, and improved syncing behavior with Studiometry Cloud.


Studiometry 12.2.2 Version History:

  • Can now export one or more Logs to text file by right-clicking and choosing new Export option
  • When adding a payment that fully pays an invoice, the invoice's date paid will now match the new payment's date
  • Fixed the tab order for controls in the Payment editing window
  • Added thin and wide variants for Client and Project name/id fields in custom summaries
  • Will now store all Accounting window work items directly to the database, and no longer store anything within the settings files
  • Resolved and error that could periodically occur when sending updates to Studiometry Cloud
  • Added new Quickbooks Export Name field for Debt/Credit types to allow consolidation of multiple work types when exporting to Quickbooks
  • Will now automatically open the reconnect window when Studiometry has disconnected from Studiometry Cloud
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    Jeff Fisher

    Thank you for the log exports!

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    Another helpful update. Always appreciate your hard work. 

    A followup question, when will we be seeing more web-based Studiometry Cloud features?

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    Oranged Support

    @Semaphore: Thanks for the feedback. We're working on adding more features regularly for the Studiometry Cloud web access. We will be rolling them out based on user feedback so if you have something specific you're looking for, please let us know!

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