Studiometry 12.6 Adds File Sharing

New to Studiometry 12.6 and Studiometry Cloud is File Sharing. You can now upload files to share with your team and easily access from Studiometry on any machine. You can even let your Clients submit files via the web using Forms, and they'll appear in Studiometry, automatically linked to the associated Client, Project, and Form.


Form Entry
View and manage shared files for Clients and Projects directly within Studiometry.

Let Clients upload files from any browser to your Studiometry Cloud File Sharing account.


Learn more about how to use File Sharing and the various plans:


What's New in Studiometry 12.6:

  • File sharing and storage capabilities in-app with Studiometry Cloud. You can now easily upload and manage files associated with your Clients and Projects, and share with your team using Studiometry Cloud.
  • Forms can now accept attached files using the new file sharing capabilities. 
  • Your clients can now upload files via Studiometry Cloud's web Form entry interface
  • Clients in Studiometry now have their own dedicated Files section. So, when using Studiometry Cloud, you can now view lists of associated files for your Projects and your Clients
  • Added new employee permission for deleting files shared on Studiometry Cloud
  • Non-billable work items will now always have their profit calculate to zero
  • Can now use HourlyTotal and NonHourlyTotal variables on report templates to show total amounts for hourly and expense items
  • Accounting window has Taxed column showing if an item has taxes applied
  • Added contextual menu item to Projects list to easily enter a new Form
  • Added contextual menu item to Clients list to easily enter a new Form
  • Can now initiate a Form Entry from the main plus button in the bottom-left of Studiometry
  • Will now ask for confirmation when clicking the Install & Relaunch button if you're attempting to install a version of Studiometry that requires a paid upgrade
  • Fixed an issue with daily calendars locking up the app if there are too many items being displayed
  • Fixed an issue with selecting projects when attempting to enter a form from the All Forms view
  • Fixed issue with New Contact contextual menu item not selecting the correct attached client


Available Now

Studiometry 12.6 is available today. If you have a previous version of Studiometry you can upgrade for a discounted price to 12.x and receive all of the new features available in Studiometry 12.x.

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