Studiometry 13.0.2 Released

Studiometry 13.0.2 is available now and adds several features and updates to Studiometry 13.x. You can now display hours in HH:MM:SS format in the work list, easily add time stamps to work item notes, and you can filter the running timers window by Client or Project. We've also fixed several small bugs in this version, so it's recommended for all 13.x users. Full update notes below.



What's new in Studiometry 13.0.2:

  • New optional column in Work & Expenses section: Hours in HH:MM:SS format
  • Can now display hourly totals as bottom of Work & Expenses section as HH:MM:SS format
  • Fixed an issue where exporting certain invoice/report/payment templates to PDF on Windows wasn't working correctly
  • Will automatically select the most recently selected project when adding a new row in the Weekly Timesheet window
  • New button to easily add time stamp for Work & Expense extra info field
  • Can now filter Running Timers window by Client or Project
  • Clicking on a section header in the Project/Client overview will now always bring you to the associated section, regardless of any saved preference from previous versions of Studiometry
  • Cleaned up display of refresh button in Notifications window
  • Fixed issue calculating a project's invoiced total for non-live Projects
  • Fixed minor issues with the Training Videos link in the main window on Windows, as well display issues in the Training Videos window itself
  • Fixed issue with Training Video window not appearing in foreground when first opened on Windows
  • Fixed issue sorting ID numbers containing certain strings such as INF
  • Computers with multiple monitors mixed between non-retina and retina will now have more consistent display of certain controls
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