Studiometry 13.0.3 Released

Studiometry 13.0.3 is available now and adds several features and updates to Studiometry 13.x. New features include the ability to display Employee roles on invoice and report templates, payment listing capabilities on reports and estimates, and improved blueprint quantity controls. We've also fixed several small bugs in this version, so it's recommended for all 13.x users. Full update notes below.



What's new in Studiometry 13.0.3:

  • New custom Variable for Invoice and Report templates to show the employee name that matches a specific Role
  • Can enter decimals into quantity values in Blueprint entry window
  • Added fully retina controls, buttons, and text to the Edit Contact window
  • Can now use the Payments data row area in reports to show all payments for the associated project
  • Fixed more issues for computers with multiple displays mixed between retina and non-retina
  • Will no longer send notifications of a report being rejected when the status is manually changed to None or Awaiting Approval
  • Fixed an issue with the interface not allowing certain edits when creating Hourly blueprints
  • Fixed display issue with report approval status appearing with HTML tags in project overview
  • Fixed an issue updating databases from Studiometry 11.x or older directly to Studiometry 13.x related to importing images
  • Fixed issue displaying calendar selector window in certain situations
  • Fixed issue dragging items from the Project and Client overviews for use with Drag and Drop
  • Can now select Non-Live employees in the enter timesheet and weekly timesheet windows
  • Can now select Non-Live employees in the Employees contextual menu for Work Items and To Do items
  • Will no longer display subtotal hours for non-hourly work items in the work list when items are groups
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