Studiometry 14.0.3 Released

We've released another small update of Studiometry 14.x with some bug fixes and improvements. Full details:

  • New option in Cloud menu > Check sync Integrity. This will manually verify that you local data matches the data on the Cloud, and sync any missing items to/from the Cloud
  • Will now include Contact title information when exporting Contact lists via Export > Contact List
  • Will now include Client information when exporting Contact list via Export > Lists
  • Studiometry Cloud: Will now send certain fields (to do suites, spec suites, general prefs, etc) as POST instead of GET to improve syncing reliability
  • Can now show Invoice Contact information in custom summaries
  • Can now sort invoices by Contact in custom summaries
  • Schedule window helper windows will no longer automatically close when they deactivate on machines with multiple monitors
  • Will now show any previous retainer activity in Client's retainer view even if they have Use Retainer disabled


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    Oranged Support


    Just download the software and extract it to any location on your computer. It will be a folder with several files and a .exe. You can place this anywhere and then launch the .exe to open the app.

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    How is one supposed to upgrade the software for Windows. Can I just run the studiometry.exe? Will I retain the data in the existing install?

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