Studiometry 14.0.4 Released

We've released another small update of Studiometry 14.x with some bug fixes and improvements. Full details:

  • Can now show Project Notes and Text Logs in the Employee Assigned Projects summary
  • Can now create Custom Summaries of Overdue Invoices
  • Will now show Client information and group by client in the Today view Schedule Work Hours section
  • If a To Do isn't attached to anything, clicking the Attached To display will bring up the selection window
  • Selection attachment window will remember last filter setting
  • Can now view debts that have no associated project in the search section
  • Fixed issue with recurring-type blueprints creating orphaned debts
  • Fixed issue with using the Date Project Template Items backwards from Deadline checkbox reversing the stages and or items within a stage
  • Will now include contacts that are not attached to a vendor or client in the Export Contact List features


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