Studiometry 14.0.5 Released

We've released another small update of Studiometry 14.x with some bug fixes and improvements. Full details:

  • Can now show Invoice information as a column for Debt Credits in custom summaries
  • Logs will now show more of their content in lists when there is no subject entered for the log
  • To Do groups will now select the Outstanding filter by default when first selected
  • Smart To Do Groups with employee filters set will automatically filter out unassociated employees from second pane in main window
  • Will now show Linked Item link in notification window when viewing a notification sent from a specific employee regarding an item within Studiometry
  • Fixed various minor display glitches in main window
  • The Logs section in the client overview will now include items attached to associated items, such as Contacts, to match the client's logs list
  • Will now include separate columns for Client and Project ID information when exporting the list of invoices


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    Richard Green

    I upgraded but it now tells me my login info is incorrect. Downgraded to previous version and all works again.

    OSX 10.13.6

    Edited by Richard Green
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    Same issue as Richard with 14.0.5, invalid username or password is the notice.

    Downgraded to 14.0.4 for now. all working again.

    OSX 10.13.6

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    Oranged Support

    We've re-released 14.0.5 with the login issues resolved. Sorry for the issues with the original 14.0.5 release!

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