Invoice Split Stages - How to bill for invoices in parts

Studiometry 15 and newer have invoice splitting capabilities. What this means is that you can easily bill for your invoice in parts while still keeping all of the same work and expense items associated with the invoice. 

For example, if you have a $10,000 invoice, but you want 25% up front and the remainder at a later date, you can use split stages to easily accomplish this.


Part A. Set up your invoice template

If you want to use Split Stages, you'll need to first set up your invoice templates to show Split Stage variables. 

Invoice Template variables such as Total and InvoiceTotalDue will always show their full amounts for the invoice, regardless of if the invoice has Split Stages. Because of this, you'll want to add the Split Stage related variables to your templates to show those specific amounts when used.

You might consider adding these variables to your default template, or creating a separate template for invoice that you'll be splitting into parts. Once your template has been set up once, you won't have to set it up again, and you can just move to Part B to add split stages to specific invoices.


1. To edit you template, go to the Preferences Window > Templates section. From there, double-click on the invoice template you'd like to modify, or select a template and click Duplicate to make a separate template for split invoices.

2. Once you're editing a template, click Add Item in the top left of the window and select New Variable

3. Select the newly created variable. On the right in the properties editor under Item Information click the magnifying class next to the Variable popup menu. 


4. In the window that appears, type "split" to show any split related variables.


5. You can then double-click on any of the variables to add it to your template. You'll most likely want to show at least InvoiceSplitStageCurrentAmount. 


Part B. Add Split Stages to your Invoice

Next you'll want to actually set up your invoices with split stages. To do this, go to edit any invoice in Studiometry (you can find them by selecting a Project and going to its Invoices section). 

In the Invoice Editing window at the bottom of the Edit Invoice tab, you'll now see an area that says No Split Stages with an edit button. Click Edit to modify the split stages for this specific invoice.


In the window that appears, you can then add one or more "Stages" for the splitting of the invoice. Click the Plus button below the list to add your first stage. 


From the menu you can select the following types:

  • Percent - Such as 25%. On an invoice of $10,000 the InvoiceSplitStageCurrentAmount variable would show $2,500 
  • Fixed Amount - Such as $1,000. The total amount of the invoice does not affect fixed amount split stages.
  • Remainder of Invoice - This part will be whatever was not added on other split stages. So for example, if you have a Percent Stage for 25%, this will show the remaining 75%.

Your stages must add up properly. If you use percent stages that add up to over 100%, you'll receive an error. You'll also receive an error if you don't use a remainder stage and the other stages do not add up to the total amount for the invoice.

Lastly the option at the bottom to Auto-Update Current Split Stage Based on Invoice Amount Received will have Studiometry automatically determine which split stage the invoice is currently on when viewing and generating the invoice. You can disable this setting if you'd like to manually set the current split stage.


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