Custom Address Label Format

In Studiometry 16 and newer, you can create a custom address label format that can be used in invoices and reports, and copied directly from contact lists.


To adjust this format, go to Studiometry's Preferences Window > Billing section, and then click the Advanced Billing Settings button.


There you can see the field for Custom Address Label Format.


The format will parse all "variables" to create the address label. Any text not within a variable will be stripped and removed. The format can also allow for text to show up conditionally depending on if the variables next to it are blank. This is useful for adding commas between city and state only if they both are present, for example.


Basic variable format

Variable Output
<city> Chicago

The above variable will display the City line for the associated address.


Adding plain text

Variable Output
<"Sample text"> Sample Text

The above variable will output anything between the quotes exactly as is. Use this to add text or separators to your format.


Conditional Display

A variable is considered "present" if it produces any text. If an address doesn't have a city entered, and you use the <city> variable, it will not be considered "present." You can use an asterisk and a dash at the beginning of the variable to make the variable display conditionally based on the previous variable's presence.

Variable Output
<city><*-"xxxxx"> Chicagoxxxxx


Use it at the end to make the variable display conditionally based on the following variable's presence:

Variable Output
<"xxxxx"-*><city> xxxxxChicago


Or use it at the beginning and the end to make the variable conditionally display only if both the previous and following variables have content.

Variable Output
<city><*-"xxxxx"-*><state> ChicagoxxxxxtIL


Available Variables

Besides plain text, you can use the following variables to add fields to the address format:

a1 Address Line 1
a2 Address Line 2
city City
state State
zip Zip
country Country
linebreak Start a new line


Sample Format

Here is Studiometry default custom address format:

<city><*-", "-*><state><*-" "><zip>


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