Post-processing of code based invoices & reports

Code based templates are a great complement to the visual templates on both ends of the scale, the very simple, and the very complex scenarios.

On the very simple end, I use them to generate plaintext blobs I include in emails. To do this, I currently need to generate into a file, and paste that into the email message.

On the very complex end, I use them in a two-step process to first produce LaTeX output, which is rendered into a PDF, and in the second step to produce UNCEFACT XML output which is added to the PDF produced in the previous step.

What would help me a lot in making this less manual, would be an option to have Studiometry automatically invoke a shell script after the invoice or report has been generated. For me, the script to invoke would be a setting in the report/invoice template. It should be possible to use a couple of variables in the script's invocation command line, such as the path and file name of the produced file, some report/invoide related data (invoice/report ID, title, etc.), some project related data (project ID and name), and some client related data (contact email, contact name, etc.)

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