Missing invoices

Hi, I mentioned this issue before and come across it again after installing v8.1. The issue relates to missing invoices or unexplained items disappearing.  

After installing ver 8.1  when I went to invoice a regular client I came up with a message saying there were suplus payments. I know this is a new feature but the client did not have surplus payments as far as I knew so I set about trying to trace it. First of all, I could not find anywhere that says what the surplus is so that made all the more difficult. Is there option to show the surplus?

Secondly I found several issues that were not there before or related to my previous issue with missing invoices, namely:

  • invoice in invoice manager but not on my clients list of invoices - when I clicked on invoice manager the invoice was blank (ie, no items) but the invoice amount was correct and marked as paid.
  • After trying to reset the invoice, ie reattach items, I discovered one of the invoice items belonged to a project that was no longer displayed on the list of projects for the client. I did a search for the project and found it and said it was attached to the client but was one I had prevously marked complete and no longer live (reason for not being shown in client's projects?).
  • I then marked the "hidden" project as live again so that I could attach the item to the invoice and this seemed to work. So is there an issue with marking projects as not live? I have mentioned this issue before that invoices mysteriously disappear and I think this this may be the issue - this particular invoice was created using multipe projects so if one project is marked "not live" is it deleting the whole invoice??

This may have aso been the reason for the surplus payment message because as soon as I marked the project incomplete and live, I no longer get the surplus payments message.

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