Startup issues after unexpected shutdown

I had an unexpected shutdown and now when I try to start studiometry it comes up with a screen to set up the user environment (ie as a new user). I try to load the settings from disk but it just keeps coming back to the same screen. I then try to set up a new single user which works but I have to enter my registration details again and although all my data is there, eg, clients, vendors and projects, none of my preferences, reports or templates are there. This is not the first time this has happened and I have been successful is restoring from back up before but the last backup before I started up has the same issue. To go back to the previous backup would mean losing a lot of data.

I am using windows 7 & store the files in dropbox - I haven't opened studiometry on any other computers recently so that would not have affected the files in dropbox. 

What steps can I take to fix this?






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