Possible to add BCC when sending report?

Hi, I use the reporting feature in Studiometry 8.2 to do my quotes - I am enjoying this! Especially after experimenting with customising the look via html! Great feature!

My question is, how do I automatically include a "bcc" email address for all my quotes? Is this possible?

This is why I need a bcc. At the moment, in the "my info" email address, I inserted "quotes@company.com" (so all my quotes are readily accessible in Apple Mail under a different email account). The problem with this, is when a client approves a quote and hit "reply", the email will go to "quotes@company.com" instead of my email address. 

However, if I was to insert my personal

email address in the "my info" field, then my emails will be flooded with quotes.

Can anyone give me a suggestion?




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