Showing non-billable hours worked in project summary

I am trying to get a summary of hours worked on a fixed price project but the summary window will only show me entries in the "Amount" columns despite me having recorded time against the project.

Here is my set up:

1) An hourly timer that is non-billable with a rate of 0.00 (as it is not charged to client) and a cost rate of $20/hour

2) An estimated item of $2,000 for the project

3) A expense that has been paid of $1,000

3) In project info I have "Itemized Estimate" set

4) I record an hours work using the timer from 1.

I assume this should mean in my summary under hours there is 1 hour recorded, an "Amount" under estimated of $2,000 and an actual of $1000, however the "hours" column shows zero throughout.

If I use the the "Client and Project Profitabilty" summary I get the correct figures (showing the time spent, the cost to me and the amount of money invoiced.

Perhaps I am using the summary tab wrong but what I was hoping for was an instant look at how many hours were spent on the project and how much $ we had left to spend. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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