Currency discrepancies with reports/estimating.

I am having issues with the program showing in the correct currency. When I generate a report, it shows the bottom total in GBP with a dollar sign, but the totals in my tally are shown in CAD. However, when I generate the invoice, everything shows up perfectly in British pounds with the right symbol.

I think that I have all of the information plugged into all of the right places, I just can't get it to work for the report/estimate. I have tried changing back to CAD in my work entry section and click to have it show in GBP when I generate the report, but it is still showing up as CAD even though the bottom total is in GBP. It shows the correct currencies before on the report editing section - it is just when I generate that it somehow forgets to put the right currency in. 

(I am working on this as a project for my Business Practices class)



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