My Calendar is drowning in To Dos

Is this a feature of Studiometry or am I doing something wrong?

To speak in simple terms I'd love the Calendar to show just the Project name and then the staffer can assess quickly which projects they're working on that day and drill into each project to complete the tasks therein. Unfortunately when I set up a Project template with lots of To Dos, those To Dos are what shows up on the Calendar, not the Project Title. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm finding it difficult to justify Studiometry as a solution for my studio for this reason. Maybe I'm missing the point or struggling with the implementation curve but then is that really MY problem - I'm no noob and software needs to be intuitive these days to compete. I want the freedom to set up small projects with a lot of Quality Control steps (To Dos) therein and I don't want to have a Calendar swimming in To Dos as a result.


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