Studiometry 9 won't launch on Win 7 machine

Hi, I was using the trial version successfully up until today when I bought a licence to use the software. I now can't open the program at all, and I've tried creating a new profile folder and forcing Studiometry to make a new profile. But upon importing my old profile in, it seems to "corrupt" the new profile. 

It's hard to describe the exact problem, but basically, when you launch Studiometry, it goes through the boot-up process ok but then no windows open - and the only evidence that the program is running is the Studiometry icon is open on the taskbar. See the image attachment for reference. 

I'm suspecting that something got corrupted in the original profile, and it's somehow spread through the backups of the DB. Is there a preference file I can delete so that everything resets itself? Please help as I've just paid $200 for a licence and was hoping to get started after the trial expiry :(


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