Pre-purchase questions


We are looking to implement this software in our office. However I have a few questions before we commit to the jump... 

1. All our quote items are including tax, is it possible to have a custom report field which deducts % tax from these items and from the overall totals? 

2. When creating a report the 'Report to Contact' field does not select the contact associated with the job. It selects the first contact of the client. 
It would be better if it selected the first project associated contact. 

3. Can contacts use the client address? They currently need to have the address data added to each contact. 

4. Can a running timer be visible in the task bar? It is currently hidden when it is running and can be easily forgotten. 

5. Can a timer detect that the computer is not being used and optionally pause the timer or remove the time (prompt the user with options to do so)

6.  It is not a very nice report tool. I find it very difficult to lay these out. I can not command click on items to select items below overlapping items etc.
The text input field is rather small
Image scaling is not proportional when holding shift 

7. Updated data does not seem to sync until the screen is changed

8. Window resizing appears to be buggy. Menu buttons sometimes disapear

9.  The Cog icon appears in some areas but does nothing?

10.  When a project is Live it has an X... A tick would be a better choice of icon

11. Importing contacts/client. We were unable to associate contacts to be Vendors. 

12. Specifications are difficult to get into the reports. <!--ProjectSpecName--> and <--ProjectSpecInfo--> that just iterates down the rows would be handy

13. The osx mail script appeared to import all email from the client. Setting it only to detect the project id in the subject field did not work

14. When using the search function and when just looking at a contact through the right hand menu, if does not show the projects associated with that contact.

15. It would be great to see MYOB integration

16. What is the release cycle for Studiometry? Are new features released in point releases? It appears you do a major release on a 12 month schedule? 

17. Categories for BluePrints would be really handy. As the list of blueprints would grow over time. Being able to categorise Print Products -> Business Cards -> Option 1, Option 2, etc.

Thanks for your time =) 



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