Creating a report that allows collection of hours / expenses for client from each project

I have tried in vain to set up a report that allows me to report on a client by client basis all the hours and the accumulated costs on expenses etc that have been incurred on each project under a single client. I need to be able to generate a report for a date range (normally monthly) that allows the activity / expenses on each project to be collected against each client. The report needs to show the client - then for each project which needs to be specifically labelled all of the work and expenses incurred.

I have tried to do this by creating an invoice style that has this variable data and then generating an invoice with this variable data in. I use the multiple project invoice but can't get a list against each project.

Please help - I really need to be able to do this as I have few clients but each has complex multiple projects that I need to report on monthly.

(DLNOIXF) Invoice Summary-project.sut
(SXCVIXP) Aegies-Activity-Summary.sut

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