Persistent XML data loading error.

Running V.8.2 networked with five workstations plus one set up solely for Studiometry. The host machine is a PowerMac G5 running 10.5.8, all the client workstations are MacPros running 10.7.4

In the last couple of weeks we've started getting the following error pretty consistently: "There was an issue loading some XML data. The data may be corrupt or missing."

I've also included a screen shot.

There have been no changes to the host machine. No crashes, no power spikes. Not sure why this is happening suddenly. We've restored from various backups and it continues to give us this error. 

Also of note, upon clicking any of the buttons to dismiss the dialogue box, Studiometry immediately crashes.

Could there be a file in the Application Support or Preferences folder that needs to be deleted?

Picture 1.png


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