Font formatting in templates

Hi all,

I'm making some new invoice templates and have a couple of font-related questions:

(1) Is there a way to set a default font format (font name, size, etc.) so that all new text boxes and fields are formatted the way I want them?

(2) It looks like Studiometry makes some attempt to harmonize font names when editing a template, but I'm getting weird results.

When editing a template, I wanted to change all the fonts from Verdana to "Helvetica Neue". As I was doing that, when I'd change one field and then move on to the next, the next field would show the new font name that I want, but it wouldn't actually change the font itself. By chance, I noticed that sometimes the font name would be changed to "Helvetica Neue" (the name as installed/displayed on my Mac) and other times it would be "HelveticaNeue" (no space), and if I deleted or added the space and hit enter, the actual font would change to the one I want.

(3) On a related note, why can't I type in the first letter of the font name to have Studiometry go down to that letter in the list of fonts? With lots of fonts, it's a pain to have to scroll all the way down to the font I want.




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