Timer Rounding?

I'm having trouble getting timers to round up the time as desired. For example, if I stop a timer at 36 minutes, I would like it to round up to either 40 or 45 minutes, depending on my Rounding settings in Preferences - Billing Settings or within the individual project's Timer Rounding setting on the project's Billing tab.

However, the other day I noticed that my 36 minutes of work got rounded down to 30 minutes. That is not what I want.

Yet if I enable the "Always round up" option in in Preferences - Billing Settings, Studiometry doesn’t just round up current timers - it also makes changes to stopped timers. It actually changed the amounts on both uninvoiced, as well as invoiced and paid projects. Yikes! When I disabled the "Always round up" option, Studiometry returned the paid items to their previous amounts, putting the clients back in balance.

So what am I missing here? How can I instruct Studiometry to always round up current or new timers - but to never touch the stopped timers or invoiced items?

Thanks in advance.  ...pt



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