How to create a custom invoice for a single client

I have a single client that I do sub-contract work for. At present in Studiometry I have his company as a client with an individual project for each site that I work at on their behalf. He wants me to bill at different rates for work that I do for him under his contract with his end-user clients and work that I do for the client that is outside the scope of his contracts with the clients. He also wants me to provide itemised invoices showing details of all work done [broken down by time worked]. Sometimes I go on-site and do work that has been specified in advance but often the end-user will ask me to do work which has not been prearranged. If it is work within the scope of the contract it is billed at one rate, if not then it is billed at another rate; likewise my payment for it changes.
I cannot work out how to set this up in any of the invoice templates and would appreciate any help. If there is a Studiometry expert in my local area [Victoria, Australia] I am happy to pay for some training in this area. Anything has to be better than the current system where I record total hours and expenses in Studiometry and invoice from there but still have to maintain timed job notes in omnioutliner and then try to relate these notes back to my invoices!

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