Statement Format when Saved to PDF - 9.0 Windows

When Saved  to PDF using the default font size and default portrait layout orientation, the Client Statement truncates data in the Projects, Project Name column, and Invoices and Payments, Description column when those names or descriptions exceed about 19 charachters. This results in output lines of little value such as Payment for Invoice… As soon as the invoice ID exceeds nnn, then you get ellipsis instead of an intelligible number in the oncreen display. Evne nnn doesn't show in the PDF output.

Request: Reformat Statement to Landscape orientation, or alternatively,"steal" some column width from Status, Worked Hours, Project Total, and wrapping the column heads Invoices & Charges, Payment & Credits. Foreshorten the payment descriptor from Payment for Invoice XXXX to Pmt. Inv XXXXX. Remove the icons from the leftmost column to allow 3 or 4 more characters in the line. Allow for different column widths for the Projects section from those used for the Invoices and Payments section.


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