ALWAYS prompt when changing a setting or item will affect existing data

Studiometry is the only program I have run into that will happily retroactively change all your existing data without so much as a peep.  My expectation as a user is  that once I put in a work item or create an invoice, those things stand alone, are frozen in time, until I go into them directly and change them.  In Studiometry, anything I change (an existing tax rate which changes often in my area, global timer rounding, debit/credit hourly rate, pretty much anything in Preferences) it will instantly change all existing debit/credits, reports, and invoices I have created.  So when one of my tax rates changed and I updated it in Preferences, I now have tons of old paid invoices that show a small negative or small positive balance.  I now know what I can and cannot do, but it should be explicit in the UI when changing an item or a setting will affect existing data, versus only changing data entered from now forward.

If I change a tax rate that a work item has assigned to it, which is used in an invoice, PLEASE prompt me that changing the tax rate will update the amount on all existing invoices and reports, do I really want to do that?

If I change a rate on an existing debit/credit type, PLEASE tell me that it will change the rates for all existing debit/credits and change the amounts and balances on all invoices I've already sent, do I really want to do that?

It's just good etiquette.


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