Stage Template: task building optimizing

It would be nice to be able to enter standardized notes into Project Stage Template's Gantt and Tasks. As you can see from the attached screenshot, because there is not "extra info" or "next step" fields (for templates notes so the delegated party knows what the expectations are for this task), there isn't a way to add these 'extra info and next steps today.

The net result is, as demo'd in the "inclusion kickoff" Gantt, is the addition of multiple unnecessary tasks. Optimal would be the creation of an 'extra info' for the 'inclusion kickoff' gantt item. Failing that, the user could create a single task item with an 'extra info' field where "record details" (3rd party, blog and notify, email?, In-person) could be entered as a hint to the delegated task owner as to what is the expected behavior and expected data to be collected.

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