Invoice Template Designer Improvements

Hello Oranged Support

I played around with the visual designer a bit in Studiometry, before that I tested a lot of invoicing apps until I finally settled with Studiometry Express, which is fantastic and fits my working style. I came across some visual template designer annoyances, however.


There doesn't seem to be a way of zooming the current paper to be able to align elements more precisely. I have an A4 format and I have a hard time seeing differences in small font size variations and colors. I'd like to have a zoom feature where I can zoom in / out. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%... Stuff like that so I can really zoom in and make some font and position work.

Layouting a data row sub-template is impossible with this zoom stage.

Variables and Placeholders

I found the current variable system in the template designer to be really hard to use. Either I place every variable by hand, one by one (very annoying with addresses), or I use the text box and enter the special tags. Now, the special tags are nowhere to be found in the interface. I really need to open the help file and go look for them. And then, I can only apply formatting to the whole box, and not on an individual tag basis.

I don't want to place 10 boxes to make the first line bold, the second line another font and the third line with the total amount bigger. I would like to place one textbox and apply the formatting to each part of the text individually. Like a rich text formatting box. These controls should be widely available by now and no magic to implement.

Add a list of values to the visual template designer so we can drag & drop or pick or at least lookup the available values without having to open and read through help files.

So it would be nice if there was only 1 box, a text entry box, which would be a rich text field. Below you have the possible variables that you can drag and drop into the text field, which would then be inserted as <!--someVariable-->.

Add more control over display of variables

Case 1: I sometimes work for private clients (contacts) with no company. But Studiometry needs a company (client) to work. And every client needs to have a contact attached. Now, when generating the invoice, the client name and the contact name are the same, resulting in weird double entries.

Case 2: Address formats are different in each country. In the US, you have states and you put a zip code, the city then a comma and then the state. In Switzerland we don't use states. Currently, I need to hardcode a comma into the template: <!--clientzip--> <!--clientcity-->, <!--clientstate-->. For Swiss customers, there will be a comma and no state, which looks bad on an invoice.

I would therefore like to have more control on what happens to variables. I'd like to add the comma ONLY if the clientstate is not empty.

I would like to skip the <!--clientcompanyname--> if <!--clientcontactname--> has the same value.

I've seen in other programs that they have conditional formatting. You could configure each variable like this: If "clientstate" not empty, add ", " before. Add newline after.

Let me know what you think.


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