To Do and GTD - functionality

Hi there,

you're software seems almost perfect for what I'm after, except that I am a big user of tasks and to do's in my workflow, much like David Allens Getting Things Done methodology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done. And Studiometry falls short in this respect. Incorporating more functionality into To Dos would bring across people using separate apps like Things.

It'd be great if there were a few more fields in the to do dialog box. For example, a status list (Next Action, Active, Waiting, Hold etc), a context list (Phone, Email, Out) and perhaps another list of tags (like Admin, Production, Marketing).

I have 100's of to dos and being able to refine my list and prioritise things makes a huge difference to my productivity.

What are the chances of getting something like this implemented?


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