To Do Editor Default List Sequence

When a To Do is added from outside a Project or Client, the Edit To Do window comes up defaulted to Not Attached To Anything which is a logical setting. From there the Change… button opens an unnamed window headed Please select a Client, Project, or nothing.  If Client or Project is chosen, a list of the Clients or Projects is displayed. In Clients the list includes ID and Name and is default sorted in ID sequence. In Project, the list includes ID, Client and (Project ) Name apparently in random order. As is typical for lists of this sort, clicking on one of the column titles will reorder the column in ascending or descending order.

Please provide a means for setting the default sort order for the items displayed in the Client or Project lists, or alternatively, remembering the last sort order chosen when displaying that particular list.

Admittedly, there is a filter box for both the Client and Project  lists which allows quick downselecting the quantity of items displayed, but a default sort order is still desirable to reduce the number of keystrokes necessary to find an item.


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