"Bill for selected items" right-click option for work & expenses list

I often do projects with payments linked to milestones. So I have a lengthy list of work & expense items, one for each milestone. When I incur expenses (travel, materials, asf,), I create new expense items. Upon reaching a milestone, I want to invoice the milestone payment, and all expenses between this milestone and the previous. In the work & expense items view this would be a breeze, because I keep stuff sorted by date: click on the first un-invoiced item and shift-click on the milestone. If I could now right-click the selected work items and select "Bill for selected items" from the contextual menu to create a new invoice for the current project with the selected items, that would be awesome!

In the current UI, I have to enlarge the "edit invoice" dialogue to get the items ist to a useful size, and them I need to re-sort the items by date, and click the checkbox for each item one by one in turn. With the right-click shortcut from the work-item list, invoicing would be even more fun. ;-)


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