Notes and logs on SM touch

I just made a log in SM9 desktop, linked it to a client, project and contact, then sync'd it to SM Touch. So far so good.  But when I looked at the project's "logs" section, I found text I wrote in SM9 desktop's "text logs" section and nothing I wrote in the "Logs" log that  linked to the project.

This linking of logs (phone calls, meetings, emails, etc.) to both projects, contacts and clients in SM 9 desktop AND SM9 touch is, for me, critical.  I know SM9 desktop and touch are two linked, but separate development projects.  Kind of like changing out jet engines in two airplanes flying side by side, while maintaining communications between the two.  Difficult to say the least.  

Nobody is doing this as well as the Oranged team.  Keep up the good work.  Let me know how else I can help.


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