How do I handle this account situation

I am trying to use accounted to run my restaurant.  I have setup a "DailyCash" account (account type cash) which has sub-accounts "food" and "drink" and an expense account "discount".  Credit card transactions will go into A/R. At the end of the day, I enter the amount sold in each category and the the total discounts.  The values roll up into the "DailyCash" ok.  But some of the income is in the form of credit card payments, ie. A/R.  So when I try to move the CC part of the income to A/R, I cannot do it from a cash account.

So I changed the "DailyCash" to type Income.  This permits me to enter a transaction to transfer the CC part of the daily income to A/R.  But now I cannot have a transaction to the expense account "discount".

What is the proper way to do this using Accounted?

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