How to handle tax (to be paid before new quarter) for invoices being paid in new quarter?

Before every new quarter, taxes have to be paid. The problem I have:

If I make a new invoice on September 29, the tax amount on that invoice counts for quarter 3. The invoice itself will be paid in the new quarter. In my bank account, the transaction date is the date the invoice has actually been paid. I would like to make a split transaction with two different dates: the invoice date for the tax amount and the transaction date (or due date if I use receivable payments) for the amount without tax. In this way, I know exactly how much tax I have to pay, my transaction stays intact and my cash flow is correct.

However, Accounted doesn't have the opportunity to use two different dates within one transaction. So, to avoid this, I could use a second transaction for the tax amounts, to be able to specify the tax total. I suppose this will work, but it is somewhat risky.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this?


BTW we have different tax rates and we need to specify the amounts for every tax rate.


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