More Seamless Import of Studiometry Invoices

Currently when paid Invoices are imported from Studiometry, they are placed in the default Bank Account. But Studiometry has classifications for five Payment Methods: Credit Card, Check, Cash, Online and Other. Credit Card might more appropriately be placed in a credit card account than inb the default bank account. Checks are logical for Bank account, while Cash would go to a Cashbox, and so forth.

In Accounted, the invoice import setup should allow for placement of the incoming funds into accounts specified for each payment method identified in Studiometry. For users with less granular needs all the Payment Methods could still be directed into one default account.

Similarly, Studiometry knows what taxes have been collected against each invoice being imported. Accounted should be configurable to automatically create splits to accumulate taxes in separate accounts until disbursed to the taxing agencies, while placing the balance into the appropriate account.

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